Raicol Crystals

Customer Q&A

Questions and Answers for Raicol Crystals following OXIDE Corporation acquisition.

How will this change in ownership impact me?Raicol crystal ownership is being bought by OXIDE. However, Raicol Crystals shall continue to operate independently as part of the OXIDE group.      OXIDE and Raicol intend to leverage this deal to create a robust company in the photonics field. OXIDE’s know-how and technology in both crystal growth and laser production will enable Raicol to climb the supply chain and provide advanced innovative products.  
Are you planning changes in the sales organization?No.
Raicol sales organization will stay as it is.
How will it affect Raicol’s product lines? Will pricing and the products offered change?Raicol expects to enrich and expand its product line with complimentary products from OXIDE.
What do I stand to gain from the deal? Raicol acquired by OXIDE will increase Raicol’s financial stability and make it a more stable and secure company. Under OXIDE, Raicol would focus on its R&D activities to improve its products and reduce costs as well as bring new innovative products into the market.
Will my warranties still be in effect?Yes, Raicol crystals ltd will remain an Israeli company operating independently and as such, all its warranties, liabilities, and responsibilities will not change in any way.
Will service quality/policies change?Not immediately. Service and quality may improve over time as Raicol intends to put even more emphasis on quality.
Will the quote you gave me still be honored?Yes. All quotations or any other Raicol liabilities will be honored.
Will any staffing changes affect me?Not immediately. All customer-facing departments will stay as they are today.
Who do I call if I have a problem or concern?Same contact details as before. All customer-facing departments will stay as they are today.
What kind of operational and cultural changes should I expect?Raicol will focus to improve its product quality and services.