Raicol Crystals


Used for electro-optics applications, RTP crystals offer superior properties for users in the
aerospace, defense, medical, industrial, civil and scientific applications.
RTP EO Cells are assembled in a thermally compensated double-crystal configuration, in which
two matched crystals are placed in line of the propagation axis (X or Y) with one
rotated by 90 degrees (general drawing below).



  • Low half-wave voltage for EO Cells to enable a compact design

  • Rise time, fall time, and pulse width of 1 ns to enable fast operation

  • Designed to operate over wide temperature range (-50°C to 70°C)

  • High laser-induced damage threshold (up to1000 MW/cm2, at 1064 nm, 10 ns pulse)

  • Minimal ringing, compatible for 1 MHz repetition rate

  • The best material in the spectral range of 500-3000 nm for electro-optics applications

  • Very low absorption losses at 1064 nm wavelength

  • Extremely high homogeneity: up to 15*15 mm EO cells as a standard size


RTP EO Cell Structure

Common applications

Common Applications

Q Switches | Pulse pickers

Phase modulators | Amplitude modulators

Cavity dumpers | Shutters

Attenuators & Deflectors

RTP EO Cell Product Offerings

  • Thermally compensated matched pair of RTP elements

  • Single RTP Element (used for phase modulators)

  • Plug in 2 crystals, Electro-optical cells assembly (with/without housing)

Typical specifications

Typical Specifications

Operational range500-3000 nm
Transmission @ 1064 nm>99%
Half wave voltage3.6 kV (for EO Cell size: 9910 mm*2)
Extinction ratioUp to 30 dB
Clear aperture1.51.5 mm to 1515 mm
Crystal lengthUp to 50 mm
Acceptance angle< 4 deg.
Standard AR coating @ 1064 nmR < 0.1%
Damage thresholdUp to 1 GW/cm2, at 1064 nm, 10 ns pulse

Raicol Crystals, founded in 1995, is a global leader in nonlinear and EO crystals growth, fabrication and assembly. Raicol offers a unique set of benefits to its customers:

•50 years of crystal growth know-how and experience

•The global pioneers of RTP, HGTR KTP and PPKTP crystals and assembly

•One-stop shop, from crystal growth through coating to EO Cell assembly

•Mass-production capabilities as well as small R&D quantities

•Fast delivery time

• Unmatched crystal quality

•Custom designs upon request, different housing options available