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Super Polished LBO Crystal (Dec. 11 , 2017)

If you are using Second and third harmonic generation of high power diode pumped
And solid-state lasers you should try our Super Polished LBO!

Why should you buy Raicol’s LBO?

  • We are the only one in the world who achieved a result of RMS in roughness measurements, which makes our LBO a super polished element with excellent surface quality with 2/1 scratch and digs.
  •  Our LBO has a very low bulk absorption: up to 2ppm/cm at 1064nm which makes our absorption amongst the lowest value available over the market place.
  •  We can offer large size of LBO elements up to 50×50 mm 2 and maximum length of 40 mm.


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NASA satellite uses Raicol’s RTP crystal in space. (Dec. 2nd 2017)

Raicol’s RTP EO cell in space with NASA ICESat-2′s laser system.

NASA’s Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) mission,  is a pioneer to use laser altimeters in space to study the elevation of the Earth’s surface and its changes.  To read more see the link below.


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We are expanding! Raicol is opening a new branch in France. (Oct. 5th 2017)

Welcome Mr. Hervé Albrecht, our new Sales Manager of Raicol’s French office.  In order to strengthen our presence in the European market and to better communicate with our customers, we recently opened an office in France, headed by Mr. Hervé Albrecht. Raicol Crystals grow and sell a variety of non-linear crystals (LBO, BBO, KTP, PPKTP, HGTR KTP and RTP) to worldwide customers. For the article which was published on Photoniques magazine in French go to the link below.


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