Raicol Crystals

Company Profile


Raicol Crystals Ltd., founded in 1995, is a world leader specializing in manufacturing electro-optical devices and nonlinear optical crystals for use in broad-spectrum photonic applications.

In January 2023 The Japanese OXIDE Corporation, which specializes in the research and manufacturing of single crystals, optical devices, and lasers, acquired the Israeli company Raicol Crystals Ltd.

With Raicol Crystals Ltd. as a subsidiary, the two companies are expected to achieve synergies in research and development and sales in defense, medical, quantum, and communication applications.

(For more information regarding the acquisition please see the PR and the Q&A)

Raicol’s flux-grown KTP and RTP crystal products are world-renowned for their high quality and reliability. The company’s innovative crystal growth technology ensures that customers receive robust and reliable Gray Track Resistant KTP elements for intra-cavity CW and high average power SHG @ 1064nm. Raicol has also developed growth technology for high quality LBO and BBO crystals.

The patented Periodically Poled KTP (PPKTP) fabrication technology makes it possible to manufacture nonlinear elements for applications in wide wavelength ranges from visible to mid-infrared. Careful control over crystal growth and stringent quality control over all stages in the fabrication process have enabled the company to receive ISO 9001 certification.
Located  in Rosh Ha’Ayin, Israel, Raicol is a technology company that boasts a dynamic and energetic team of professionals in crystal science and technology.

Our staff is made up of more than 90 employees including, experienced technicians and production personnel, an experienced marketing and management team and a strong scientific team who are experienced in translating academic research into commercial manufacturing.

Raicol’s cutting-edge manufacturing facility is 3500 square meters with over 200 proprietary growth systems, cutting equipment, polishing machines, X-ray measurement systems, clean rooms, an optical shop, and a coating facility, which enables it to ensure a high degree of quality and reliability.