APKTP Crystal

High Purity Aperiodically polled KTP

Customizing the poling structure of KTP crystals via aperiodic-polling, enables the shaping of the joint spectrum of the SPDC process. Based on this method, Raicol now offers high-purity apKTP crystals that increase the spectral purity and indistinguishability of the emitted photon pairs, yielding improved performance of entangled photon sources and higher Hong-Ou-Mandel visibility compared to standard ppKTP and ppLN crystals.
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Technical Data

Raicol’s High Purity APKTP is a uniquely designed KTP crystal that maximizes spectral purity at telecom wavelengths.

It is a type-2 crystal, suitable for pumping with Ti-Sapphire lasers (775-795nm) with a degenerate SPDC output. Using the HP APKTP enables quantum researchers to achieve higher spectral purity without any external narrowband filters, therefore reducing the losses in the system and increasing the quantum properties of the entangled state.
A. Dosseva et al. “Shaping the joint spectrum of down-converted photons through optimized custom poling”, Phys. Rev. A 93, 013801 (2016).
Raicol APKTP crystals are prominent SPDC sources for:
1. Squeezed Light
2. Entanglement with high spectral purity
3. Broadband or narrowband photon pairs
4. Polarization entanglement


Transperency Range 350nm - 4000nm
Aperture Typical 1mm*2mm
Absorption Coefficient <20@1064nm
Length Up to 30 mm
Flatness λ/6 @633nm
Perpendicularity <10 arc min.
Laser-Induced Damage Threshold 1,500 MW/ cm² (with coating) @1064 nm, for 10 ns pulses
Parallelism 20 arc sec.
AR Coating Extra/Intra cavity, AR/AR, AR/HR, DBAR
Scratch/Dig 10/5


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