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RTP crystal for electrooptic Q-switches 
[N.Angert, A.Gachechiladze, M.Tseitlin, A.Zharov, M.Roth, E.Lebiush, R.Lavi,Y.Tsuk and M.Winik ]
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Pulsed- diode pumped, all-solide-state, electro-optically controlled picosecond Nd: Yag Lasers  
[M.V Gorbunkov, AV Konyashkin, PV Kostryukov, V.B Morozov, A.L Olenin, V.A Rusov, L.S Telegin, V.G Tunkin, Yu.V Shabalin, D.V Yakovlev, Kvantovaya Electronika and Turpion, (2005)]
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Nanosecond laser induced damage in RbTiOPO4 : The missing influence of crystal quality
[ Anne Hildenbrand, Frank.R Wagner, Jean Yves Natoli and Mireille Commandré, OPTICS EXPRESS (2009)]
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Ferroelectric phase transition temperatures of self-flux grown RbTiOPO4 crystals 
[ M.Roth, N.Angert, M.Tseitlin, G.Schwarzman, A.Zharov, Optical Material (2004) ]
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High average power KTiOPO4 electro -optic Q-switch
[Christopher A.Ebbers ans Stephan P.Velsko, American Institute of physics (1995) pp.193-195]
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Efficient type II Phase-Matching Second Harmonic Generation in Ba: Yb: Nb: Rb TiOPO4/ Rb TiOPO4 waves guides 
[ J.Cugat, R.Solé, JJ Carjaval, X.Mateos, MC Pujol, J.Massons, F.Diaz and M.Aguilo]
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Temperature-dependent dispersion relations for RbTiOPO4  and RbTiOAsO4 
[J.Yutsis, B.Kirshner, A.Arie, Tel Aviv University  (2004)]
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13 W- Picosecond Nd: Gd Vo4 regenerative amplifier with 200-kHz repetition rate
[ J.Kleinbauer, R.Knappe, R.Wallestein, Applied Physics B (2005) ]
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Single frequency 1 um Laser for field Applications
[Floyd E.Hovis, Charles Culpepper, Tom Schum and Greg Witt, Fibertek Inc]
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Intercavity second harmonic generation in passively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser.
[S. Pearl, Y. Shimony, H. Lotem, M. Roth, N. Angert,
SPIE , V. 3110, 1997.]

Asymmetric secondary electron emission in ferroelectric KTiOPO4 crystals.
[G. Rosenman, A. Skliar I. Lareah, N. Angert, M. Tseitlin, M. Roth, M. Oron, M.Katz,
J. Appl. Phys. 80 (12), December 1996, pp. 7166-7168.]

SEM studies of domains in KTiOPO4 crystals. [A. Skliar ,G. Rosenman, I. Lareah, N. Angert, M. Tseitlin, M. Roth,
Ferroelectrics, 1997, Vol. 191, pp. 187-192.]

Observation of ferroelectric domain structures by secondary-electron microscopy
[G. Rosenman, A. Skliar, I. Lareah, N. Angert, M. Tseitlin, M. Roth,
PHYSICAL REVIEW B, V.54, Number 9, September 1996, pp. 54-58.]
Growth and domain structure of potassium titanyl phosphate crystals pulled from [N. Angert, L. Kaplun, M. Tseitlin, E. Yashchin and M. Roth,
J. Crystal Growth 137 (1994) pp. 116-122.]

Domain inversion in KTiOPO4 crystals near the Curie point [V. Kugel, G. Rosenman, N. Angert, E. Yaschin and M. Roth,
Journal of Applied Physics, 76(8), 1994, pp. 4823-4826.]

Ferroelectric domain reversal in KTP crystals by high-temperature treatment [N. Angert, M. Tseitlin, and E. Yashchin and M. Roth
.Ferroelectrics, 1994, Vol. 157, pp. 117-122.]

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