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Japanese OXIDE Corporation acquired Israeli Raicol Crystals Ltd.

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Raicol to become a subsidiary of OXIDE Corporation, and together will be a world leader in growing crystals and developing lasers for the DUV field.

ROSH HAAYIN, ISRAEL – The Japanese OXIDE Corporation, which specializes in the research and manufacturing of single crystals, optical devices, and lasers, has acquired the Israeli company Raicol Crystals Ltd

Raicol Crystals Ltd., founded in 1995, is a world leader specializing in the manufacturing of electro-optical devices and nonlinear optical crystals for use in broad-spectrum photonic applications.  

By making Raicol Crystals Ltd. a subsidiary, the two companies are expected to achieve synergies in terms of research and development, and sales, in the fields of defense, medical, quantum and communications.

Aner Yarden, CEO of Raicol Crystals Ltd.: “I am very pleased to announce that Raicol Crystals has merged with OXIDE Corporation. The combination of our two organizations will result in the most advanced company in the world in growing crystals and developing lasers for the DUV field.

There are many areas that Raicol and OXIDE  can contribute to each other. There are strong reliable relations between Raicol’s management and OXIDE’s management and great mutual respect. Acknowledging Raicol’s unique abilities and great performance, OXIDE’s management realized that the combination of forces would bring great advantages to this field. We plan to continue and grow Raicol’s manpower and continue to invest in the development of innovative products for the DUV and quantum field as well strengthening our production and sales capabilities worldwide.

We are starting a challenging and wonderful journey of joining the leading innovative technologies of two leading companies in their field and connecting two different cultures. Our vision is to continue to grow and become a large international company with breakthrough technology in the field of photonics. I believe we have a rare opportunity to build together a leading company that will influence the world’s future photonics field.”

Yasunori Furukawa, CEO of OXIDE Corporation: “Since its founding, OXIDE Corporation has been committed to contributing research results to society and disseminating key materials to the world, providing material solutions to customers, and contributing to the development of society. We aim to be a global niche top company in single crystals and lasers under the management philosophy of continuing to develop products and create future market opportunities.

In order to accelerate the use of practical application of excellent research results from Japan and overseas, and also to accelerate the global niche top strategy in the field of single crystals and lasers, we will continue to expand our business, strive to improve our corporate value, and contribute to society with crystals and light.”

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