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Japanese OXIDE Corporation acquired Israeli Raicol Crystals Ltd.

Raicol to become a subsidiary of OXIDE Corporation, and together will be a world leader in growing crystals and developing lasers for the DUV field.

ROSH HAAYIN, ISRAEL – The Japanese OXIDE Corporation, which specializes in the research and manufacturing of single crystals, optical devices, and lasers, has acquired the Israeli company Raicol Crystals Ltd

Raicol Crystals Ltd., founded in 1995, is a world leader specializing in the manufacturing of electro-optical devices and nonlinear optical crystals for use in broad-spectrum photonic applications.  

By making Raicol Crystals Ltd. a subsidiary, the two companies are expected to achieve synergies in terms of research and development, and sales, in the fields of defense, medical, quantum and communications.

January 15th, 2023

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Oxide Raicol News

The Physics Nobel Prize Celebrates the success of Quantum Entanglement

Raicol congratulates Prof. Alain Aspect, Prof. John Clauser and Prof. Anton Zeilinger for receiving the Nobel Prize, the most prestigious prize in science, for their work on quantum entanglement.

Their work greatly advances the field of quantum technology, computation, and communication, but above all, in our basic understanding of quantum mechanics. 

December 6th, 2022

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Raicol Crystals and Qubitekk Awarded Grant from BIRD Foundation Photonics Media online magazine

Raicol’s PPKTP crystal is in a quantum communication system that was developed by Quibitekk from California. This joint project Awarded Grant from BIRD Foundation. This system will enable ultrafast data encryption and may be used in a variety of areas including financial, security, medical, and governmental systems.

June 29th , 2020

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Raicol Crystals is entering the world of quantum computing with a new collaboration with Qubitekk of CA, USA, and with funding of The BIRD Foundation.

Quantum-based quantum communication will allow a great deal of information to move quickly, qualitatively, securely and without the influence of distance or environmental conditions. Israeli-American collaboration between the companies will combine the photon-splitting capabilities of crystals of Raicol Crystals and Qubitekk’s quantum entanglement source to replace quantum keys with the aim of developing an elaborate endpoint for the transfer of split photons. This development will enable ultra-fast data encryption and may be used in a variety of areas including financial, security, medical, and governmental systems.

Appeared in several Israeli magazines in May 2020.




New Tech Magazine 


A Satellite Lets Scientists See Antarctica’s Melting Like Never Before

An article that was published last week at the New York Times.
The ICESat-2 satellite is using a laser system that was developed by Fibertek and using Raicol’s RTP Q-Switch to measure the earth’s glaciers movement.

Ney York Times April 30th , 2020

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Raicol’s RTP Phase Modulator to enhance single-scan acquisition in I-SHG microscopy.

At the link below, you may find an article by a group of researchers of INRS-EMT, Canada.
This article demonstrates, for the first time, the possibility of single-scan acquisition in I-SHG microscopy (1S-ISHG) based on an electro-optic phase-scanner using Raicol’s RTP Phase Modulator using the system described above.
The scan of phase-shifts is performed for each pixel of the I-SHG image being acquired, which corresponds to a total acquisition of only a few seconds, which is speed increase by 20 times from the current pixel scans.
This opens the possibility of measuring – in a minimally invasive way – the relative polarity in many biophysical systems undergoing fast dynamics, e.g. in microtubules in various stages of the mitosis, living bio-samples, or tissues submitted to dynamic traction assays, with an enhanced time resolution.
This technology can also be applied to other SHG enhancements such as polarization-resolved SHG (p-SHG), resulting in similar speed improvement.

April 15th, 2020

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We are proud to announce that the article about our RTP crystal inside the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) system is in 19th place on the list of top 20 photonics technology picks of 2019 of Laser Focus World Magazine.

Dec. 17th 2020

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A group of researchers from Vienna University was using Raicol’s PPKTP crystal to verify the presence of entanglement in a photonic six-qubit cluster state generated using three single-photon sources operating at telecommunication wavelengths. This research was published in the magazine Nature Physics.

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Optical Materials: RTP optical crystal helps boost performance of LIGO (September,19,2019)

Raicol’s RTP Crystal is the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) which detects gravitational waves of cosmic origin through laser interferometry.

Article at Laser Focus World Magazine

RTP: The Optics Material of Choice for the Advanced LIGO (June,16,2019)

The Advanced LIGO ushered in a new era of science – using higher sensitivities than the initial LIGO, for direct observation of gravitational waves for the first time. As part of the upgrade, the laser power of the system was greatly increased, leaving its existing LiNbO3 modulators ineffective. Raicol’s RTP Q-Switch was chosen as a replacement.

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ALTIA consortium (May, 12, 2019)

We are pleased to announce that Raicol Crystals is an active member of ALTIA (Advanced Laser Technologies for Industrial Applications) consortium. The Israeli Authority for Innovation established ALTIA consortium with the goal of developing generic technology for manufacturing advanced industrial lasers possessing high power, short wavelength, and short pulse capabilities. All the while, streamlining and lowering costs of manufacturing processes, improving reliability for 24/7 applications and positioning the Israeli laser industry as a world leader that will continue to grow and develop. ALTIA consortium is assembled of Six commercial companies which Raicol Crystals is one of them and with six leading research groups in the fields of laser physics and photonics. This consortium has been active for three years and has very good results.


NASA has established a new laser system for space on Raicol Crystals RTP Q-Switch Crystal (March,12, 2019)

The company has developed a unique growth technology of RTP Q-switch crystal, which enables the production of precise pulse laser system which will measure glaciers change on earth from a distance of  500 km.

The technology will be presented in Israel at the OASIS 2019 conference.

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You are welcome to read our annual newsletter – summarizing 2018.(January,16,2019)


We are pleased to present our article on Raicol’s Q-Switch is space at Optics.org.(January,10,2019)


Raicol’s new RTP P/N Finder is live! Our new search engine allows you to search and find the exact RTP Q-Switch or Matched Pair RTP crystal for your specific needs and see if what you need is in stock.(January,6,2019)

ESA-JAXA BepiColombo mission to Mercury (November,29,2018)

We are pleased to announce that at 01:56:28 GMT on October 20, the ESA-JAXA BepiColombo mission to Mercury blasted off on an Ariane 5 from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana in South America. Ariane 5 carries on board the BepiColombo Laser Altimeter (BELA) in which Raicol ‘s crystals have been used to build a space-qualified Q-Switch for the laser range finder. After a 6-year cruise, the BepiColombo Laser Altimeter will start recording topographic data from orbital altitudes between 400 and 1500 km above Mercury’s surface. This is a joint mission between Europe and Japan. Many actors were involved in the design, construction, and launch of the satellite. Hensoldt Optronics was prime-contractor for the “BELA Laser” for which the Q-Switch was selected.


Celebrating one year of our European Office (August, 22, 2018)

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Raicol is expanding! (May, 21,2018)

raicol USA

With the intention of improving and strengthening our sales and marketing efforts for American customers, Raicol is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in the US. Our new Business Development Manager, Mr. Carl Burns, will be heading the US office. Mr. Burns has many years of experience and knowledge in the field of laser systems for the defense and commercial markets, and we are thrilled to have him on board. Raicol Crystals is the pioneer in growing and selling non-linear crystals to satisfied customers worldwide. Our crystals include LBO, BBO, KTP, SKTP, PPKTP, HGTR KTP and RTP.

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Raicol Crystals is the leading pioneer in the manufacturing of RTP EO Cells. 
Our RTP crystals are primarily utilized in laser systems for airborne and space applications  (Apr, 08, 2018)

RTP products

RTP crystals are featured in Q switches, pulse pickers, phase modulators, amplitude modulators and cavity dumpers.

Due to the unique advantages of our RTP crystals over standard LiNbO3crystals, they have become the crystal of choice for airborne and space laser systems worldwide.

Advantages of Raicol’s RTP Crystals:

  • Wide temperature range (-50°C to 70°C)
  • Compact design due to low half wave voltage
  • No dynamic HWV component
  • No pyroelectric & elasto-optic effects
  • High damage threshold (600MW/cm2, in most cases 1GW/cm2)
  • A high extinction ratio of up to 30-35dB
  • No acoustic ringing
  • Wide acceptance angle
  • Non-hygroscopic material
  • Low electrical conductivity (rise time/fall time 1ns)

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Click here to listen to an interview of Mr. Herve Albrecht, Raicol’s European Sales Manager by Olivier Granilic at QUALITA Studio, a French radio station which broadcasts in Israel (Feb, 19, 2018)

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Raicol Crystals Ltd. Reveals New SKTP Crystal – Promising High Average Power Density, High Efficiency, and Large Aperture Capabilities (Jan, 18, 2018)

Raicol Crystals Ltd., a leading manufacturer in the field of non-linear crystals, has become the first to develop SKTP flux-grown KTP crystals.

These new crystals are a part of the HGTR product line, and have a revolutionary combination of features – they can function at high average power densities, retaining high efficiency, and can also be produced in a larger aperture, up to 25×25 (mm2).

SKTP crystals are designed for use in medium power green lasers for medical, industrial, scientific, and other applications.

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Super Polished LBO Crystal (Dec. 11 , 2017)

If you are using Second and third harmonic generation of high power diode pumped
solid-state lasers you should try our Super Polished LBO!

Why should you buy Raicol’s LBO?

  • We are the only one in the world who achieved a result of RMS in roughness measurements, which makes our LBO a super polished element with excellent surface quality with 2/1 scratch and digs.
  •  Our LBO has a very low bulk absorption: up to 2ppm/cm at 1064nm which makes our absorption amongst the lowest value available over the market place.
  •  We can offer large size of LBO elements up to 50×50 mm 2 and maximum length of 40 mm.

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NASA satellite uses Raicol’s RTP crystal in space. (Dec. 2nd 2017)

Raicol’s RTP EO cell in space with NASA ICESat-2’s laser system.

NASA’s Ice, Cloud, and land Elevation Satellite (ICESat) mission,  is a pioneer to use laser altimeters in space to study the elevation of the Earth’s surface and its changes.  To read more see the link below.

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We are expanding! Raicol is opening a new branch in France. (Oct. 5th 2017)

Welcome Mr. Hervé Albrecht, our new Sales Manager of Raicol’s French office.  In order to strengthen our presence in the European market and to better communicate with our customers, we recently opened an office in France, headed by Mr. Hervé Albrecht. Raicol Crystals grow and sell a variety of non-linear crystals (LBO, BBO, KTP, PPKTP, HGTR KTP and RTP) to worldwide customers. For the article which was published on Photoniques magazine in French go to the link below.


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