Raicol Crystals


High Gray Track Resistant (HGTR) KTP


Raicol was the first company to introduce to the market a flux grown High Gray Track Resistant (HGTR) KTP.

These HGTR KTP crystals are suitable for high power density applications, where regular flux-grown KTP crystals will suffer from gray track damage.

The following Raicol data has been tested and documented by A. Alexandrovsky, Stanford University. In the GRIIRA (Green Induced Infrared Absorption) test using Common Path Interferometer(CPI), an infrared laser beam passes through the KTP element.

The initial measurement (at time 0) is the infrared absorption of the crystal using  a high sensitive method using Common Path Interferometer (CPI) for losses measurements.

After a few seconds, a green laser beam is switched on, also passing through the crystal. The green laser increases the crystal’s IR absorption.

This effect is correlated with gray tracking in KTP crystals.

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