PPKTP Crystal

PPKTP is The leading crystal for quantum applications used in the leading cutting-edge quantum research in the past 20 years.

Today Raicol's PPKTP is the most common crystal for SPDC and it is used in a wide range of single and entangled photon sources. To support the quantum industry, Raicol has been optimizing its PPKTP crystals functionalities to support innovative quantum applications. The unique type of nonlinear material, based on quasi-phase matching (QPM), can be tailored for all nonlinear applications within the transparency range of KTP, without the limitations of birefringent matching used in regular KTP interactions. Its effective nonlinear coefficient is about three times larger than that bulk KTP.
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Technical Data

Periodically Poled Potassium Titanyl Phosphate, KTIOP04 (PPKTP) is widely recognized for these features: 

Highest nonlinear coefficient:

  • Free of walk-off
  • Efficient for up-conversion and down- conversion
  • Broad phase matching range
  • Quantities for mass-production as well as small quantities for R&D

Raicol’s offers innovative PPKTP for quantum applications:

  • Monolithic \ half monolithic PPKTP – designed to support cavity based quantum application.
  • SPPKTP (Beta)  – designed to support high Laser damage thresholds and High average poor to support short pulse SPDC as well as effective monolithic PPKTP.










Transperency Range 350nm - 4000nm
Aperture Typical 1mm*2mm
Absorption Coefficient <20@1064nm
Length Up to 30 mm
Flatness λ/6 @633nm
Perpendicularity <10 arc min.
Laser-Induced Damage Threshold 1,500 MW/ cm² (with coating) @1064 nm, for 10 ns pulses
Parallelism 20 arc sec.
AR Coating Extra/Intra cavity, AR/AR, AR/HR, DBAR
Scratch/Dig 10/5


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