PPLN Crystal

Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3)

is one of the most commonly used nonlinear crystals. Periodic poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN) is a preferable cost-effective product for many frequency conversion applications, mainly in the IR, such as SHG, OPO and SPDC for quantum applications. Raicol offers custom poling schemes for optimizing any application.  
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Technical Data

Lithium niobate is transparent in a wide range of wavelengths, making it suitable for various optical applications.

It allows light to pass through efficiently between 350 nm – 5200 nm

Periodically Poled Lithium Niobate (PPLN) is an efficient nonlinear optical material for frequency conversion applications in the visible and mid-IR wavelength range

• High nonlinear coefficient
• High conversion efficiency
• Perfectly suited for compact low power solid state laser systems
• Excellent for small size, cost-effective laser systems


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