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LBO for THG (Third Harmonic Generation)

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LBO for THG (Third Harmonic Generation)

LBO (Lithium troborae or LiB3O5) Is a nonlinear crystal that offers several unique and very important characteristics

LBO material is widely recognized for these features:

  • Wide transparency range (160nm – 2600 nm)
  • Moderately nonlinear coupling
  • High damage threshold
  • Good chemical and mechanical properties
  • Free of gray track effect

Third Harmonic Generation (THG) is a process whereby light is generated at a wavelength which is 1/3 of the pump wavelength, and it is achieved by a two stage interaction.    The first stage is SHG of the pumping laser. The second stage is Sum-Frequency Generation of the pump and second harmonic, yielding the third harmonic.