LBO Crystal

Raicol is a world-leading manufacturer of super-polished LBO (SPLBO).

Raicol's SPLBO is ideal for high-power laser applications due to:

highest surface quality, optical homogeneity for the lowest bulk absorption, and unmatched surface absorption for the highest laser damage threshold

These qualities provide substantial advantages for the nonlinear conversion of high-power lasers. Raicol’s SPLBO is used in advanced applications such as high-power SHG conversion, efficient THG, and OPCPA.
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Technical Data

LBO (Lithium Triborate LiB3O5 ) is a nonlinear optical crystal suitable for various nonlinear optical applications.

LBO crystals combine wide transparency into the deep UV, relatively high nonlinear coupling, high damage threshold and good chemical and mechanical stability.

LBO material is widely recognized for these features:

  • Wide transparency range (160nm – 2600nm)
  • Optimized for THG – UV applications @355nm
  • High nonlinear coefficient (d31 =  1.05 ± 0.09 pm/V)
  • High damage threshold compared to Standard LBO (30 J/cm²])
  • Type I and non-critical phase matching in a wide wavelength range
  • High optical homogeneity- Ultra low bulk absorption (2ppm/cm2)
  • Wide acceptance angle and small walk-off angle





Apertures Up to 60X60 nm²
Length Up to 70 nm along x axis
Flatness Up to λ/10 @1064 nm
Roughness <3A RMS
Parallelism Up to 5 arc sec.
Perpendicularity Up to 5 arc min.
Scratch/dig 2/1 up to 0/0 per custom demand
AR coatings Dual band R < 0.1 %
Absorption coefficient Bulk (1064nm) =2-4 ppm/cm Surface (1064nm) = 1-2 ppm Bulk (532nm) = 8ppm/cm Surface (532nm) = 1-2 ppm
Wave front distortion control λ/8 @633nm
Laser-Induced Damage Threshold 2,500 MW/ cm²@1064 nm 1,000 MW/ cm²@532 nm 500 MW/ cm²@355 nm For ns pulses @10 Hz


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