CLBO Crystal

The CLBO Crystal is transparent well into the DUV down to 180nm and allows type 1 SHG conversion up to 237nm and SFG below 190nm.

CLBO is optimal for DUV, combined with its low absorption, and high surface quality and LDT allows high-power DUV applications. CLBO has a relatively high nonlinear coefficient and low walk-off and is ideal for the 4th and 5th harmonic generation of ND: YAG and the 6th Harmonic of 1550nm. CLBO is an OXIDE product                                              
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Technical Data

CLBO (cesium lithium borate, CsLiB6O10) is a nonlinear optical crystal ideal for DUV light generation.

CLBO holds high transparency and low absorption in the DUV, High LIDT, relatively high coefficient, and low walk-off.

Main Features

  • Wide transmission range- especially in the DUV 180-2750nm
  • Large coefficient d36(532nm)=0.92pm/V
  • High bulk laser damage threshold (>1.7 times higher than fused quartz @266nm)
  • Small walk-off
  • Superior harmonic generator in UV region (4HG & 5HG of Nd:YAG, Shortest Type I SHG:237nm; SFG under 190nm)





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