RTP EO cell

RTP is an ideal candidate for a wide variety of Electro-Optic applications as Pockels cells, shutters, Q-switch, phase modulators, attenuators, pulse pickers and more.

The outstanding electro-optical parameters allow extremely fast switching (rise/fall time under 1ns) and high repetition rates (over 1MHz) without ringing. RTP EO cells are assembled in a thermally compensated double-crystal configuration, in which two matched crystals are placed in line of the propagation axis (x or Y) with one rotated by 90 degrees. It performs well over a wide temperature range (from ‐50◦C to +70◦C). RTP is also non-hygroscopic which makes it robust in extreme conditions. The crystal is transparent at most common visible and near infrared laser wavelengths. RTP based EO devices are offered in matched pair configurations and in temperature compensating designs.
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Technical Data

  • Low half-wave voltage of EO Cells to enable a compact design
  • Rise time, fall time, and pulse width of 1 ns to enable fast operation
  • Designed to operate over a wide temperature range (-50°C to 70°C)
  •  The best material in the spectral range of 500-3000 nm for electro-optics applications
  • High laser-induced damage threshold (up to1000 MW/cm2, at 1064 nm, 10 ns pulse)
  • Very low absorption losses at 1064 nm wavelength
  • Extremely high homogeneity: up to 15*15 mm EO cells as a standard size
  • Non-hygroscopic, easy handling, no cover needed
  • Minimal ringing, compatible for 1 MHz repetition rate



Operatiopnal Rang 500-3000 nm
Transmission @ 1064 nm > 99%
Half Wave Voltage 3.6 kV (for EO cells size 9*9*10 mm3)
Extinction Ratio Over 30 dB
Clear Aperture 1.5*1.5 mm² to 15*15 mm²
Crystal Length Up to 50 mm
Acceptance Angle <4 deg.
Standrd AR Coating @1064 nm R < 0.2 %
Laser Induced Damge Threshold Up to 1 GW/cm², @1064 nm, 10 ns pulse or 10J/cm²


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