Pockels Cell

The Pockels effect is an electro-optic effect that occurs in certain non linear crystals such as RTP, BBO LN and KTP.
When an electric field is applied to these crystals, the refractive index changes in proportion to the strength of the electric field. This effect is called the Pockels effect and is used in Pockels cells to modulate the polarization of a laser beam.  The crystal is placed in the path of the laser beam and is controlled by an electrical signal. When the electrical signal is applied, the polarization of the laser beam changes, which allows it to pass through a polarizer and reach the output. When the electrical signal is not applied, the polarization of the laser beam does not change, which causes it to be blocked by the polarizer and not reach the output. This process is the physics behind many components such as q-switch, pulse pickers, shutters and modulators and allows for the generation of modulated laser beams that can be used in a variety of applications.
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