iRTP Pockels cell

Raicol's new iRTP Pockels Cell is the first product that brings the advantages of RTP to the EO mass market.

iRTP is a modified version of Raicol's RTP, designed specifically for industrial laser applications. It is ideal for applications that require advanced characteristics.      
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Technical Data


  • Simple alignment – iRTP Pockels Cell requires only 1D alignment to reach optimum extinction ratio.
  • Environmental stability- iRTP Pockels Cell is a non-hygroscopic material with a temperature compensation design that allows it to function in non-controlled environments with a variety of temperatures and humidity levels.
  • Mechanical robustness and stability – iRTP’s requirement for only 1D alignment means that the iRTP’s package and mount have a simple and more mechanically stable design. The working parameters do not change throughout the laser’s lifetime, or during temperature changes, hence, requires little to no calibration over time..
  • High repetition rate – iRTP Pockels Cell supports a repetition rate up to 350 kHz.
  • High damage threshold – iRTPs high damage threshold enables its use for high power lasers.
  • Standard Pockels cell assembly – iRTP is an off-the-shelf product with standard industry EO cell specifications.
  • A simpler laser designs
  • Improved stability – as a result of the Pockels Cell’s improved thermal stability, there is no need for thermal
  • Less parts – iRTP Pockels Cell doesn’t require an oven or complex 4-axis mount.
  • Smaller module footprint – due to less peripherals.
  • Pockels cell adjustment – iRTP requires single dimension alignment, which allows a much simpler and faster alignment process, with a better extinction ratio.



iRTP Parameters iRTP 6 / iRTP 8 / iRTP 10
Aperture 6x6mm /8x8 mm / 10x10 mm
Capacitance <6pf
Quarter wave voltage (1064@) 3.3 KV
Optical Transmission >99%
ER (1064@) ≥27 dB
Damage Threshold Typically, > 1GW / CM2
Alignment accees 1 axis alignment
Housing Dimensions Round: θ 35nm, Length 35nm (there is there 1" design) Square: 35mmx35nmx35nm
Rise Time <1ns
Thermal Stability 10-50 Deg.


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