RTP Modulators

RTP is an ideal candidate for a wide variety of Electro-Optic and especially as  phase modulators, attenuators, fast shutters and more.

The outstanding electro-optical parameters allow extremely fast modulation (rise/fall time under 1 ns) and high repetition rates (over 1MHz) without ringing. Different designs enable a variety of applications such as phase modulators, amplitude modulators and attenuators, fast shutters and polarization control. The crystal is transparent at all common visible and near-infrared laser wavelengths. RTP is non-hygroscopic which makes it robust in extreme conditions, has temperature-compensating assemblies, and has a relatively high damage threshold and low losses making it a perfect solution for higher powers and other high-end applications.
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Technical Data

  • Low half-wave voltage of modulators
  • Rise time, fall time, and pulse width of 1 ns to enable fast operation
  • The best material with optimal functionality in the spectral range of 500-3000 nm for electro-optic applications.
  • High laser-induced damage threshold (up to 1000 MW/cm2, at 1064 nm, 10 ns pulse)
  • Very low absorption losses at 1064 nm wavelength
  • Extremely high homogeneity: up to 15*15 mm cells as a standard size
  • Non-hygroscopic, easy handling, no cover needed
  • Minimal ringing, compatible for over 1 MHz repetition rate


Operatiopnal Range 500-3000 nm
Transmission @ 1064 nm > 99%
Clear Aperture 1.5*1.5 mm² to 15*15 mm²
Crystal Length Up to 50 mm
Acceptance Angle <4 deg.
Standrd AR Coating @1064 nm R < 0.2 %
Laser Induced Damge Threshold Up to 1 GW/cm², @1064 nm, 10 ns pulse or 10J/cm²

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