BBO Crystal

Raicol is a leading manufacturer of high-end BBO. Raicol BBO's have high optical homogeneity with extremely low bulk absorption from the IR to the DUV. Raicol’s in-house coating for BBO offers very high LIDT; its low absorption makes it ideal for high-power applications and high-order harmonic conversions. BBO phase matches over a wide range, yielding 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Harmonic generation and OPO from 190 to 1780 nm. BBO’s transparency up to 185nm makes it ideal for high power and DUV Pockels cells and modulators.  
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Technical Data

Beta-barium borate (BBO) is a versatile nonlinear crystal ideally suited for nonlinear laser interactions. BBO crystals combine very wide transparency, relatively high nonlinear coefficient, very low absorption and very high damage threshold.

BBO phase matches over a wide range, yielding SHG, SFG and OPO from 190 to 1780 nm.

BBO material is widely recognized for these features:

  • Wide transmission region from 185 nm to 3500 nm;
  • Broad SHG phase matching ranges from 205 nm to 1300 nm
  • Large effective second-harmonic-generation (SHG) coefficient about 6 times larger than that of KDP crystal;
  • High damage threshold.
  • High optical homogeneity with δn ≤10-6/cm;
  • Wide temperature-bandwidth






Apertures Up to 25 x 25 mm
Length Crystals up to 30 mm
Flatness Up to λ/10 @633nm
Perpendicularity Up to 5 arc min.
Parallelism Up to 5 arc sec.
Scratch/dig 10/5
AR coatings AR/AR, DBAR, dual band R < 0.2 %
Absorption coefficient < 50ppm cm-1 at 1064nm < 100 ppm cm-1 at 532nm
Wave front distortion control λ/8 at λ = 0.633µm
Guaranteed Damage Threshold 5 GW/cm²(10ns) @1064 1 GW /cm²(10ns) @532


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