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Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3)

Lithium Niobate  (LN)  is a common choice for mid-range Pockels cells. LN Crystals are grown, oriented, and cut to provide z-axis optical propagation. Lithium Niobate is a ferroelectric material with excellent electro-optic, nonlinear, and piezoelectric properties.
Due to its high non-linear coefficient, LN is an option for second harmonic generation for Nd:YAG laser operating at 1.064 μm, as well as semiconductor lasers operating at 1.3 and 1.55 μm.

While the RTP Electro Optical Cell provides better performance, Lithium niobate switches can provide low power & cost-effective solutions for specific applications.

Lithium Niobate


  • Low Wavefront Distortion
  • High Extinction Ratio
  • Low Transmission Loss
  • Precise Crystal Orientation
  • Low Reflectance AR Coatings
  • High nonlinear coefficient