RTP Crystal

RTP (Rubidium Titanyl Phosphate) belongs to KTP crystal family.

RTP was developed in Raicol specifically for electro-optical applications due to its Outstanding Electro-Optical properties and high damage threshold. The biaxial structure, double crystal design, allows wide range temperature stability making it an ideal option for environmental dependent application, especially compared to its alternatives as LN or DKDP. Our unique pairing capabilities enable high extinction ratio and temperature stability in one. For all these reasons and more we see a shift towards RTP in many areas: medical, industrial, defence & more.
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Technical Data

RTP (Rubidium Titanyl Phosphate) is a robust electro‐optic crystal suitable for a wide variety of applications (such as Q‐Switches, Amplitude & Phase Modulators, Pulse Pickers, etc.) and operation in industrial, medical, and defense products. The crystal is transparent at most common visible and near infrared laser wavelengths. It performs well over a wide temperature range (from ‐50◦C to +70◦C) and at high repetition rates. RTP based Q‐switch devices are offered in matched pair configurations, in a temperature compensating design.
When used for applications such as Q‐Switches and Amplitude Modulators, the crystals are mounted in a way that the input beam is polarized along the diagonal of the face.


  • Low half-wave voltage
  • High damage threshold
  • Non hygroscopic
  • Minimal ringing at high rep rates
  • Operates over wide temperature range


Apertures up to 60 x 60 mm2
Length up to 70 mm along X axis
Flatness up to L/10 @1064 nm
Roughness <3A RMS
Parallelism up to 5 arc sec.
Perpendicularity up to 5 arc min.
Scratch/dig 2/1 up to 0/0 per custom demand
AR coatings dual band R < 0.1 %
Absorption coefficient Bulk (1064nm) =2-4 ppm/cm Surface (1064nm) = 1-2 ppm Bulk (532nm) = 8ppm/cm Surface (532nm) = 1-2 ppm
Guaranteed Damage threshold 2500 MW/cm2 at 1064 nm 1000 MW/cm2 at 532 nm 500 MW/cm2 at 355 nm For 10 ns pulses


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