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Promising nonlinear material

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RTP belongs to KTP crystal family. The outstanding Electro-Optical properties of RTP together with high damage threshold made it possible to use for high-power laser applications in many areas: medical, industrial, defense, etc…

RTP material is widely recognized for these features:

  • Reliable homogeneity
  • High laser damage threshold
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Low absorption losses
  • No acoustic ringing
  • Stability over a wide temperature range (-50ºC – +70ºC)

The best material in the spectral range of 500nm-3000nm for electro-optics applications

Since 1999, Raicol Crystals developed and marketed electro-optic cells based on RTP crystals.

The outstanding properties of RTP enable EO cells a that are reliable devices for various laser systems in military, medical and industrial applications.

Raicol produces RTP EO crystals and cells in OEM quantities.

Raicol provides the following products: