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iRTP Pockels Cell

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Raicol’s new  iRTP Pockels Cell is the first product that brings the advantages of RTP to the EO mass market. iRTP is a modified version of Raicol’s RTP, designed specifically for industrial laser applications. It is ideal for applications that require advanced characteristics, such as non—hygroscopic, high thermal stability, and high repetition rates.

 Raicol’s iRTP is a standard off -the- shelf solution that offers high performance EO cells at the price of standard industry Pockels Cell.



  1. High laser damage threshold
  2. Fast rise-fall time and pulse width
  3. Non-hygroscopic material
  4. Low absorption losses
  5. No acoustic ringing (up to at least 350kHz)
  6. Thermal stability over a wide operational temperature range (10ºC –50ºC)