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RTP (Rubidium Titanyl Phosphate) is a robust electro‐optic crystal suitable for a wide variety of applications (such as Q‐Switches, Amplitude & Phase Modulators, Pulse Pickers, etc.) and operation in industrial, medical, and defense products. The crystal is transparent at most common visible and near infrared laser wavelengths. It performs well over a wide temperature range (from ‐50◦C to +70◦C) and at high repetition rates. RTP based Q‐switch devices are offered in matched pair configurations, in a temperature compensating design.
When used for applications such as Q‐Switches and Amplitude Modulators, the crystals are mounted in a way that the input beam is polarized along the diagonal of the face.


  • Low half-wave voltage
  • High damage threshold
  • Non hygroscopic
  • Minimal ringing at high rep rates
  • Operates over wide temperature range